Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prahran still has class

So last week I bought you the dregs of this colourful area. This week I wanted to show you another side.

There are certainly some cool cats around here and these days they all seem to be heading to the ultra hip new cafe on the block, St Edmonds. They make a great coffee, have sensational pastries and can cook a great brekky and lunch too.

But an overarching reason to go there is the greet peeps behind the counter. Down to earth, friendly and are so damn cool that you walk away questioning if somehow you may just have passed your used by date. Or perhaps more precisely, you think these guys are so cool that you never even measured on the Richter Scale of coolness!

Alas, introducing my first fashion boast, the very chic and trendy Coco. Aint she a head turner.

What do you reckon - a boast or a roast?

PS Don't forget to send your photos (preferably a roast!) to

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