Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Serena fails - Oh no you di-ent

This week was a great week for Australians in the world of tennis. Our girl Sammy Stosur took out her first grand slam championship, winning the US Open in brazen fashion, slaughtering her opponent Serena Williams. Serena, bless her, was none to pleased with this loss, as per her unsportsmanlike outbursts on court. And no doubt she will be none to happy with this post either. I thought I would go with a tennis theme this week and take you back through time to give one of the biggest roasts this blog has ever seen. Serena Williams - Oh no you di-ent. What have you been wearing!

Serena has got to be one of the most vile dressers on the tennis circuit. How many fashion faux pas can a person make before realising that perhaps they should stick to what comes naturally. Ahhh, that's tennis Serena. I'm no expert on female fashion but if anyone can give any justifications on how any of the Serenages below could be a fashion boast I need to know!

Hi Serena.. you shouldn't be wearing short denim skirts And what's with wearing shin guards connected to your shoes?

Put your finger over her faces and breasts and ask yourself, why is man dressed in a black dress at the premiere of a movie? Dress to your strengths Serena...

What's up Batman?

That's all from me for this week!

Signing out..



  1. This got a laugh from me - glad to see there were no use of dad jokes!

  2. The movie in the second picture is 'The Ugly Truth'. Ironic