Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being Tim Mullaly

Men need to be men. Strong-minded, decisive and physically able - it's all part of society's mould. Sure there are some stray and people who don't believe but in my opinion, men need to stand for some things, and these things are important. One thing however that isn't as much as part of society's expectation of the male species however is the importance of one's appearance.

Traditionally blokes being blokes meant that looking the part was the female's domain, not the males. I for one however have always been taught that it takes 2 seconds to make an impression and the way that one presents themselves is therefore vital to making that first impression. Therefore for me falling into the same category as being strong minded, decisive and physically able is looking sharp and making that first impression. You never know who you're going to meet right?

So when a very dapper Tim Mullaluly waltzed in to work this morning wearing a blazer, jumper, checked shirt and funky tie I thought the man needed a big pat on the back. Very classy, albeit losing serious points for a Dali-like moustache Timbo gets this week's tick of approval and a big FASHION BOAST! Now he just needs to work on being physically able!!!

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