Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's all happening on the Sandringham line

Now everyone has a right to wear whatever the hell they want. I just have a right to judge....Please, by all means, judge what I'm wearing whenever you like!

Thank you to uhohdaisy for sending this one through because it really has FASHIONROAST written all over it... It was taken on the Sandringham train line. You gotta love the cross section of people you see on trains. Mothers, priests, professionals, students and many other strange creatures. Like the fella below. And yes apparently he is a fella. When I saw this I immediately thought of the troll dolls from back in the 90s. Remember the little key rings that had little trolls with bright coloured hair? Boom. This guy puts the troll in troll doll. Whilst he has immaculately matched his Stabilo Boss pink hair, sunglasses and jumper he has provided me with great fodder this week. Its amazing what people will do to stand out innit!

I think he looks rediculous #justsaying

If anyone thinks this is a boast then you have the floor...

Kruppy signing out

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