Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fashion Roast At the Spring Carnival

Melbourne's Spring Carnival is known for it's fashion. It's a week that all the ladies plan for weeks and weeks in advance (not to mention many of the men these days too...) and as such it is one of the most appropriate places to find Fashion Roast.

Horses for courses as they say but I came across this guy and my fashion roast radar went into over-drive. At his age I think you have to give more lenience for the flair (hats off to a man in his 60s who still has the guts to wear a pink hat and matching tie with a loud yellow shirt) but I still I think he looks like a packet of clinkers. If my dad rocked up to the races like that I wouldn't know where to hide.

So I am slapping this stallion with a big fat FASHION ROAST!

What do you think, a roast or a boast????


  1. i think it's a fashion boast! (: good on him having such flair.

  2. I see where you are coming from but seriously.... pink hat, pink tie, yellow shirt? Looks like a banana and strawberry milkshake

  3. I totally see the clinker but his pretty funny for an old fella.

  4. Correction. Funky for an old fella.
    Do you have a picture of your outfit?